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Guardianship & Conservatorship

Helping You Understand Guardianships And Conservatorships In Georgia

If you need assistance with guardianship and conservatorship, our attorneys are seasoned in navigating the complex probate court system in Augusta. We can help you understand the differences between guardianships and conservatorships and decide which is right for you.


A guardian is a court-appointed person who is given the responsibility of making decisions for a person in need. The person in need is known as a ward. If you have been named a guardian of an individual, or if you are looking to establish guardianship for someone you love, it can seem overwhelming and confusing.

Frails & Wilson Attorneys At Law can advise you through the challenging and thorough Georgia probate court proceedings when it comes to establishing guardianship, whether it’s for a disabled adult or a young child. There are many types of people who would benefit from a guardianship, including:

  • Minor children
  • Incapacitated adults
  • Senior citizens

Not only is the process of establishing a guardianship complicated, but if you have been appointed the guardian of a person in need, you have been tasked with a great responsibility. From properly administering funds to making medical decisions, the duty is both critical and vast. Because of this, there are consequences if a guardian does not adhere to the rules outlined in the particular guardianship.


A conservatorship is similar to guardianship, but the responsibilities are limited primarily to financial matters. Though more fiduciary in nature, it is still a complex and vital role.

We Will Help

Our estate planning and probate lawyers can help to ensure the guardianship is successful by guiding the guardian through the many complexities and intricacies the appointment entails. From initial paperwork to questions that occur along the way, Frails & Wilson Attorneys At Law are here to assist you.

If you are looking to establish guardianship for a loved one or you have been named a guardian for an individual, we are here to help. Call us at 800-413-9005. You can also reach us online.