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Semitruck crashes are among the most severe and devastating accidents on the road. These large vehicles can cause significant damage to other vehicles, which can also lead to catastrophic injuries. 

Various factors can contribute to semitruck crashes, and being aware of these can help victims of these crashes to determine how to proceed with compensation claims.

1. Trucker’s actions

Trucker’s actions include a wide range of behaviors, such as speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted driving, fatigue and aggressive driving. These professional drivers must adhere to strict regulations regarding hours of service to prevent fatigue, but violations still occur and can lead to severe accidents.

2. Trucking company policies

Trucking company policies may pressure drivers to meet unrealistic schedules, leading to speeding or driving without adequate rest. In some cases, companies might neglect proper training for their drivers or encourage practices that compromise safety for efficiency. Regulatory compliance is essential, but some companies may skirt these rules, increasing the risk of accidents.

3. Improper cargo securement

Improperly secured cargo can shift during transit, which can cause the truck to become unbalanced and difficult to control. In some cases, cargo may fall off the semitruck, creating road hazards for other vehicles. 

4. Lax maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for the safe operation of any vehicle, especially semitrucks. Lax maintenance can lead to critical failures while the truck is in operation. Common issues include brake failure, tire blowouts, and malfunctioning lights or signals. These problems affect not only the trucker but also other road users.

5. Defective components

Defective components, including manufacturing defects in brakes, tires, steering components or engine parts, can lead to crashes. While maintenance can identify some issues, defects can sometimes go unnoticed until they cause a problem. Manufacturers, suppliers and trucking companies all have a role in ensuring that the components of these large vehicles are in good working order.

Understanding the cause of the semitruck crash can play a critical role in a personal injury claim. Working with someone who can evaluate the cause and determine the appropriate defendants to name is critical.

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